Balance, Boundaries, and Bears (Oh My): A Fable for Finding Time!

Balance, Boundaries and BearsBalance is an essential component in sustaining a healthy and productive life.  And balance, though fundamental to our survival, can be very difficult to find and sustain.

As I thought about this subject, the basic refrain I learned years ago from Goldilocks came
to mind:

This is too hot …

This is too cold …

This is just right!

But interestingly, what I even more powerfully retained from that fable was a lesson about boundaries – and specifically, about not violating other people’s (or bears’) boundaries.  I also took away a rather unhelpful lesson about balance – thinking that Goldilocks was actually looking for too much in seeking something just right.

I learned that Goldilocks was a bad little girl who over-reached, wanted too much, and should have settled for less.

What was your take-away from the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  Was Goldilocks a role model or a bad example in your pantheon of childhood characters?

When it comes to finding time and finding balance, I think that Goldilocks offers some profound lessons as she listens to herself and persistently seeks what works for her.

Rather than focusing on the fact that she was in someone else’s house, I look at her search for balance.  I see her quest for her own ‘sweet spot’ as something that we can learn from, rather than labeling it ‘bad’ and selfish,  as I think our culture has done.

What do you think about Goldilocks, balance, and boundaries?  What’s your takeaway?

Drop me a line, I’d love to hear … and I’ll be building on this on Thursday, in my next post, so stay tuned!

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  1. Enjoyed your take on Goldilocks. Yes, balance is so essential to honoring time boundaries. Finding the “just right” amount of work as a personal assistant is a challenge for me. I tend to take on more than is helpful. With your help I am finding the “just right” amount of work to augment my income. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. Hi Pat –

    I am so glad that this resonated for you and you are taking it to the next step. Balance helps you keep your options open so you can appreciate your moments as fully as possible.

    To your time success!


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