Be Agile and Flexible — How Your Words Affect Your Energy

agile and flexible
Be agile and flexible.

What do being agile and flexible have to do with managing your time? And why do the words you use matter?

Being efficient is often thought of as a matter of developing systems and being steady and disciplined about sticking to them.  And while those skills are very important, they may not work when something unexpected intrudes.

The recent cold and snowy weather that paralyzed Texas and several other states in the US provided a stark reminder of this.

There are times when we have to do our best to adjust to challenges on the fly. And even then we may not be able to adequately meet the difficulties that the world presents.

Agile and Flexible

Finding ways to be nimble in the face of the unexpected is a matter of time choices AND a matter of the energy that you bring to those choices.  And your energy is profoundly affected by the language that you use to describe those choices.

Action words like agile and flexible are energetic, active, and positive. Using them affects your perspective in ways that are both subtle and significant.

Contrast them to words like agility and flexibility

These are not bad words at all, but they don’t have the same active quality. They just have a different feel, and that affects the energy that you bring to the next action you take.

It’s your choice…

The next time you’re confronted with an unexpected wrench in the works, pause before you react. Pay attention to your self-talk, and try framing your response as agile and flexible. Or choose another active and in charge word that strikes a chord for you. 

How does it feel?

What changes?

For more help managing change…

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