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Democracy works when people participate – and one of the biggest ways to participate is to be heard by your representatives in Washington.

But if you’ve tried to do that in the past, you know that it’s not always an easy proposition. Usually it involves many steps that  must be repeated for each representative you want to contact. Finding time to do that can be a challenge!

The problem is that each of your Congressional representatives may have a vastly different contact form than the next rep does. It’s a system that is complicated and can be discouraging to navigate. Too often this leads to people deciding it’s not worth the time and trouble, and that doesn’t serve any of us well!

Enter This is a web-based interface that allows you to be heard easily, quickly, and by multiple representatives at once.  Here’s how makes this happen:

All you have to do is enter your address and you’ll get a list of members of the Senate and House of Representatives in your area. You can write to all of them at once or select the recipients. The contact form has just a few fields for your subject, message, email address, name, and phone number, plus a drop-down topic selection required by Congress members’ contact forms.

The form is easy to use, and offers an interface that lets you be heard by any/all of your Congressional Representatives quickly and easily. Put your time and energy into the message you want to send – rather than into figuring out how to send it!

Here’s a quick video with some background about

Developed by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), is free, open-source software, and if you’d like, you can read a bit about how and why it was developed here.

I suggest that you bookmark this site. The next time there’s an issue that you want to be heard about, you’ll be able to write your representatives quickly and easily!

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