Be More Efficient Every Day — How Slowing Down Helps

outside the box-be more efficient
Be more efficient by stepping outside the box…

To be more efficient, you need to step back, slow down, and relax. That may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s absolutely true.

And today’s a good day to give it a try.

Making time to breathe and relax isn’t a luxury. It’s entirely practical.

If you want to be more efficient, the last thing you want to do is push yourself to exhaustion.  Instead, it’s vital that you give yourself what you need.

That includes taking time to replenish your energy.

And the really good news is that this is a choice that’s entirely within your control.

Slow down to be more efficient…

Slowing down may seem counter-intuitive when you are stressed.  But don’t give in to the impulse to go faster. Your choice to step back and take a breath makes all the difference in the world.

When you follow these 3 steps, you put yourself back on track. And as an added bonus, you bring positive energy and focus to whatever you need to do next.

1. Focus is your base for what follows.

Here’s how to reestablish your focus in 5-minutes:

Take a seat in a quiet place, tune out any distractions, and tune into your breath. Slowly feel your breath relax and expand. That’s it. Tuning into your breath brings you mindfully to the present moment. It puts your feet back on the ground and returns you to yourself.

This priceless skill is instantly available and free. To make full use of it requires your determination and ongoing practice. The rewards are incalculable. You cannot claim your time until your claim your power to be in the moment and to direct your thoughts.

2. Assert your power.

Let yourself know, very clearly, that you can say no. Start with low-priority demands.

Maybe you can ask others to prioritize their requests to fit into the reasonable time frame you allocate for them. This is a skill that takes practice, so be patient with yourself.  Remember that assertiveness needn’t be harsh, but it is direct. 

Ultimately, the more self-referenced you are willing to be, the more power you’ll exercise over your time. This is not at the cost of relationships; in fact, taking the time to negotiate boundaries with sensitivity and presence of mind can invite everyone involved to develop new strengths and trust.

3. Responsibility means the ability to respond.

Every time you change your time choices, you are responding to your own values and priorities, and you are changing your life.

Think about it:  When you create open space in your life you are actively valuing and protecting it. You are finding this time by trading in other activities.  It’s a give-and-take, both with the people in your life who are affected and within yourself.

Make time to be more efficient and thrive…

The more time you take to breathe, focus and take responsibility for your life, the more self-referenced you will become.  Time for yourself helps you build an unshakeable base of self-worth. Working from that base, making productive and positive choices that work for you becomes easier and easier.

Positive builds on positive.

The more you practice these skills, the more rewarding they become. New doors will open, and you can use your new strengths to explore the very best ways to use your time.

Now, ask yourself: How can you start restructuring your time choices today to reach new levels of effectiveness?

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