Be Playfully Productive to Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

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Being productive isn’t always about being busy.

A productive day feels good, doesn’t it?

Indeed, productivity is something we often seek. And yet, it can be an elusive goal.

And being productive loses its meaning whenever you make it the be-all and end-all. When it becomes a value or goal in and of itself, you begin to feel like a hamster in a cage, endlessly running but really getting nowhere.

Your productivity has gotten disconnected from your heart. I think we all know that feeling, and it isn’t fun.

But how can you step away from that and reconnect with your creativity and energy?

Be More Productive by Letting Go

Letting go is a challenge when you are under pressure. But when you’re spinning and feeling stuck and stymied, this is exactly what you need to do. Stop striving, take a deep breath, and take a risk.

And then what?

Give yourself time to regroup. Take a day, or a half day, or even just an hour if you’re not sure about this yet.

What do you do with this time?

The idea is to let go of being productive for the moment. This time you’ve set aside is for planning and playful productivity. The more it includes self-care, self-nurturing, brainstorming, playful and creative writing, etc. the better.

To start, you’ll need to plan an agenda for yourself. Remember, your goal is to give yourself space first to feel safe and relaxed and then to explore and expand.

So start by thinking about self-care rituals that you find helpful. Maybe it’s a walk in the woods or a relaxing bath. Anything that lets you settle comfortably into yourself.

Let go of worries, self-criticism, and any pressures that are nagging at you. Clear space for your playfulness and creativity to emerge.

Next, you’ll want to explore the possibilities. Here’s where play comes in. You can give yourself tasks, like brainstorming ideas for your blog or for new products. Don’t worry about being realistic. Don’t worry about next steps. Just let the ideas flow.

Boundaries, Creativity and Being Productive

While it may feel playful, this isn’t about play.

It’s about finding your way back to your creativity when productivity has (temporarily) stymied it. Play and nurturing self-care help you tap the wellsprings of creativity that you have inside.

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Strong boundaries are key because when you’re feeling under pressure, it’s hard to give yourself this vital, energizing space.

So that’s my question and my challenge for you today: How will you give yourself the space to create your own playful creative day?

What’s your first step?

When will you take it?

And for more help…

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