Be Present in Your Moments to Ground and Refresh Yourself

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Choose to be present.

To be present in your life is a moment-by-moment choice. And it’s always within your power to make this choice.

However, to be present to each moment when you are either looking forward to an event or dreading one is a challenge for many. It’s not unusual to have something on the horizon that you are anticipating. But if it overshadows whatever is happening in your NOW, then you are losing your present moment to your future.

If I have an event two days in the future that I am looking forward to, how do I manage my time until it arrives? I have 48 precious hours between my NOW and my THEN.

Be present now…

Time is absolute and concrete. No matter how we feel about what an hour holds, it will always be 60 minutes. And those minutes will always each include 60 seconds. There is no changing that.

I don’t want to be simply marking time while I wait for my future to arrive.

This is an area where time boundaries can be very helpful.

Boundaries help you be present.

Think of your boundary as a way to keep your eyes and your energy focused on the moment. It may help to think of this as an actual, concrete fence or wall that you can’t see beyond. You might also think of your future event as a reward for focusing on the now.  This will help you be present and you’ll be doubly rewarded.

If, conversely, the future event is something that you are dreading then your challenge is slightly different. You don’t want to be in denial about your future, nor do you want it to ruin your present. So, be sure that you have done everything that you need to do to prepare for what’s coming.  Then bring your focus back to the moment.

Each time it wanders, gently bring it back. And create small rewards for yourself, so that as you prepare for your event, and as you work to be present NOW, you give yourself positive reinforcement. This may have the added benefit of helping you to change your perspective on the event that you are dreading.

Living in the moment is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. How will you be present to it today?

Here’s more help:

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