Beat Procrastination, Even When It’s Got You Tied in Knots

Beat procrastination…

How do you beat procrastination?

Time challenges stymie LOTS of people, so if you’re one of them, you are not alone. And if you want to beat procrastination, you need to get to its roots.

You see, the reasons that people procrastinate vary, but the results are the same, ALWAYS.  When procrastination is one of your go-to time choices, you are also choosing stress, frustration, dwindling self-confidence and lots of other challenges.  Ultimately, procrastination affects your career, your relationships, and, really, your whole life.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to do things you don’t want to do. Even when you know that waiting too long will create a lot of problems, getting started can still seem impossible. So how can you beat procrastination and start getting things done instead? These tips will help you get on track and on time.

5 Tips to Beat Procrastination Now

1. Schedule it.

Make an appointment in your calendar for the day and time you’re going to work on the task. This is far more effective than just leaving everything up in the air until the right moment seems to present itself.  (There is no right moment!)

2. Make your first step doable.

A long, unpleasant task can be very difficult to start. Think, “I’m going to work on this for 10 minutes.” That’s easy enough that you should be able to sit down and get busy. Getting starting is the tough part, so make it as easy to get started as you possibly can.

3. Take small bites.

Break the task into smaller parts. Large tasks can seem overwhelming. It’s easier to do 10 small things than one big thing.

4.  Respect your energy.

We all have times of the day that we’re better at certain tasks. When you’re scheduling, be mindful of your rhythms and choose the best time for you to tackle the task. Also consider what you’ll need to get it done. Do you need quiet and privacy? Do you need access to certain people? Give yourself what you need and you’ll be much more productive.

5. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Be sure to acknowledge and validate your accomplishments.  Decide beforehand what you’ll give yourself as a reward for completing the task. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but a little additional motivation builds your relationship with yourself.  As self-trust grows, self-confidence blossoms.

And here’s more help…

Tired of being your own worst enemy? Sometimes it’s hard to recognize and then step away from self-defeating patterns.

My E-Guide titled “Perfectionism and Procrastination: Untangling the Knots” is an immediately downloadable Heart-Based time tool that offers powerful, practical help. Its sequenced exercises help you identify places where you trip yourself up. And it also includes a customizable template with concrete examples to help you solidify your learning as you deepen your understanding of yourself and your time choices.

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