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Beat Procrastination with Time Finder Favorites!

Procrastination is a stumbling block for lots and lots of folks, and if you’re one of them, you know how frustrating and self-defeating it can be.

Whether you’re a student, a working Mom, a small business owner, an online entrepreneur, or anyone with goals and tasks to accomplish, procrastination does nothing but get in your way and slow you down.  And here at The Time Finder, we’ve got lots of ideas for beating procrastination.

I’m always very interested to see what posts people are drawn to – it’s like a brief survey of the past month’s time challenges. So, this past month readers were visiting and reading on our procrastination posts a LOT.  Let’s look a little closer at the content …

Topping our Time Finder Favorites this past month was “Procrastination Frustration? Solve it with 3 Timely Questions!” where we wrote:

So, the first step in dealing with procrastination is to make it visible to yourself. You may need to overcome some resistance at first – none of us wants to look at areas of difficulty. But it’s impossible to address a problem that you can’t see!

Indeed, this is often the hardest step.  You must set aside self-criticism and approach yourself with open-hearted compassion in order to move ahead.  What a gift to give yourself!

Next up was a post titled “Calming Self-Talk Reduces Stress and Helps You Find Time” where we advise:

If your mind starts running a million miles a minute and you’re not sure which way to turn next, your first step is to pause and notice what you are doing. Bringing your mind’s chatter to consciousness is key in stopping it. You can’t address a problem until you actually see it!

Do you notice a strong theme here?  Making challenges visible to yourself is your key to freedom.  Denial does nothing but keep you stuck!

And you don’t need to let problems overwhelm you.  “Stuck? Scared? Turn Toward Trouble and Find Time!” offers a way out – turning toward whatever you’re worried about:

Once you’ve made your fear or expectation visible to yourself, it immediately loses some of it’s heft and power. And you can bring it down to size even more by introducing your grounded, rational, adult perspective to this internal dynamic.

Returning to the theme of procrastination and making better time choices, “Beat Procrastination Right Now – 5 Timely Tips!” was another reader-favorite, followed closely by “Proactive Time Choices Power Up Your Energy and Your Time.”

Proactive Time Choices offer a clear answer to lots of difficult time challenges and nagging time questions. They are also a surefire path to empowerment and enhanced energy. But it can be very easy to fall into reactivity when it comes to time.

Being proactive about your time puts you in the driver’s seat and is another powerful procrastination-beater!

What was your favorite Time Finder post last month?  What are your time challenges today?  Drop me a line – I’d love to help!

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