Blogging Buzz: 7 Timely Tips!

BloggingBlogging is a wonderful way to connect with people.  And if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, blogging is fast becoming an indispensable means for establishing yourself in your niche.

So, as you can imagine, making your blog accessible, attractive, and SEO-friendly is a key element  in many (read that most) business plans today.  From on-line marketers to the restaurant down the street, a web presence is, increasingly, and expectation (and therefore a necessity).  And there are few better ways to solidify and expand your web presence than by blogging.

Blogging:  It Just Gets Better and Better!

That’s why I was especially happy to come upon this post last week as I was catching up on some reading.  Titled “7 Tiny Tweaks to Your Blog That Will Make a Massive Difference”  Built on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, the underlying idea of this post (as with Kaizen) is that small changes can lead to significant, long-term improvements.  Indeed, quoting the Wikipedia article linked to above, Kaizen, which is “Japanese for “improvement”, or “change for the better” refers to a philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes …”

So, taking a Kaizen approach to your blog means continuously reviewing and measuring how it is functioning, and making the small tweaks that can lead to big gains. Sometimes the tweaks are technical and sometimes they involve less easily quantifiable changes.  Either way, it’s important to track what you are changing, and to not make too many alterations at once, as that makes it impossible to measure the impact of any single new thing that you’ve added ot undertaken.

Your Blogging Buzz: Try These 7 Tips – OR Create Your Own!

Team Caffeine, in their post on Lori Taylor’s Social Caffeine Blog, cite 7 Quick Tweaks, and offer some very helpful infographics to illustrate each and every one of them.  But what are the tweaks?

  1. Get an Email List Already
  2. Go Self-Hosted
  3. Focus, Focus, Focus
  4. Write like a Human Being
  5. Learn the Art of Speedwriting
  6. Remember SEO
  7. Build a Community

Blogging Bonus – The Infographics!

Here’s a snippet from one of the infographics, to give you a taste of the highly informative illustrations that Team Caffeine has put together.  When you visit their site, you’ll see how much they use this powerful graphic tool.  (And stay tuned to The Time Finder – we’ll be unveiling our own, brand new infographic in tomorrow’s post!)
Blogging, social media and SEO

As you explore Team Caffeine’s post, you’ll find in-depth explorations of each of the tweaks.  The one bit of advice that ran like a thread through most of these blogging tips was to embrace the importance of engagement.

Blogging:  Being Yourself is Job 1

Things like an attractive site and good SEO practices may get people in the door, but what creates, nurtures and sustains your on-line tribe is delivering excellent content consistently, in a readable and personable way.

Being yourself is probably the best marketing tool you have going, when all’s said and done.  Tweaking the technology may get you into the search results, but it’s what you offer and how you offer it, that will keep people reading … and coming back … and passing it on!

So, if that’s what you’re looking for from your blogging, I’d suggest making tweaks #3, 4, 5, and 7 your priorities.  (And, in fact, # 1. 2 and 6 could be items that you delegate, to a degree.)

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Social Caffeine and have not received any compensation for sharing this content.

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