Boomerang Respondable – Some E-Mail Magic for You!


Boomerang now helps you with writing, too!

Boomerang is a handy e-mail app that we’ve written about in the past here. It’s a tool that works well with Gmail and with Outlook.

Mostly we use it when we want to send a reply to an  e-mail at a later time or date. There are free and paid versions of this e-mail app, and we’ve been very pleased with it, through the years.

E-mail is key to our communication. And with the thousands of e-mails that you send and receive daily, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. So it’s worth exploring any tool that helps you fine-tune your e-mails and make them shine, right?

That’s why we were very interested to hear about Respondable. It’s a new Boomerang feature and it analyzes and quickly rates your e-mails in a few key categories, as you write!

Boomerang Respondable – How It Works

Respondable displays, in real time, several meters that dynamically measure and make recommendations about your content. The meters look at things like subject length, word count, reading level, and positivity (the latter is a Pro feature and isn’t available in the free version).

So, if your e-mail is over-long or contains a lot of buzz-words and jargon, Respondable lets you know. You can then adjust your writing accordingly. And of course, you are free to ignore the suggestion. But, as we have learned here, it’s very helpful to have these guides as a reference.

Respondable Sorts Out the Voices

Here’s a video offering an overview of Respondable’s features. (It’s one of the better/more entertaining videos of this type that we’ve seen in a while, so I recommend that you take a peek!)

If e-mail is a key ingredient in your personal and/or business communication, Respondable is worth a closer look.

And, of course, I’d love to hear what you think!

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