Boost Your Productivity by Keeping Promises to Yourself

boost your productivity
Boost your productivity with follow-through…

If you want to boost your productivity, what do you think is your #1 key?

It’s not multitasking and it’s not packing your to-do list full to the brim, either.

Certainly, your time management skills are very important if you want to be successful and boost your productivity.

But let’s pause, take a deep breath, and consider the big picture.

Step back…

Imagine you’re working hard to find time to:

  • Fulfill life’s daily demands,
  • Make headway on your big goals, and
  • Be able to pursue your favorite and most self-nurturing activities.

That’s a tall order — one that requires lots of focus and discipline.

So how often, after you’ve put in your best efforts, do you let go of that last item on the list above. As you strive to boost your productivity, do you neglect your promises to yourself?  How often do you set that promise aside, telling yourself that you’ll do it “another time”?

If that’s a pattern for you, then I advise you to start following through on rewarding yourself, starting as soon as you finish reading this article.

Why is this important? 

Well, let’s start with 3 immediate benefits you gain. When you reward yourself consistently you:

  • Provide yourself with the enjoyment you deserve. When you follow through on rewarding yourself you return to your daily life refreshed and alert, with more energy and optimism than you started with.
  • Build your trust in yourself. Just as a child looks to a parent to keep promises, you integrate and bolster your energy by matching your words with your actions. Don’t you deserve to be as good a friend to yourself as you are to others?
  • Strengthen your focus and self-discipline. When your promises are backed by concrete action, you heighten your incentive to tackle the most daunting tasks.

“That sounds great, but how do I get there?”

Here are 7 Timely Tips to help you set this positive cycle in motion:

  • Actions, not words. If you are used to pushing past your own promises to yourself, you need to rebuild self-trust.  Start small, and be sure you only make promises that you know you can follow through on.
  • Don’t retract; reschedule. When life throws you a curve ball, don’t let it through you entirely off course.  If a planned reward evaporates, replace it with a new one you create.
  • Aim for success. Break your goals into smaller steps or chunks, so that you experience success.  Don’t punish yourself by making your rewards conditional on overambitious benchmarks.
  • Go public. If you need reinforcement, enlist a friend’s help. Report in, or ask your friend to check in to ensure you’re keeping your promise to yourself.
  • Daily does it. Build in small rewards every day. Practice builds proficiency.
  • Build up. Gradually increase the rewards, and try including friends in this.  Then be sure not to let them down.
  • Free treats. As you establish strong patterns of success, build in time for yourself that is not dependent upon achievement. This is very important.  You could, for example, take one day a month and use it to do whatever you want, no matter what. This enables you to recharge your energy and enhance your creativity.

And there are more benefits…

In addition to the benefits described above, when you keep your promises to yourself, you will feel more energetic, be more productive, and enjoy other long-term rewards as well, for example:

  • You come to know yourself better and better.  Keeping current with what you truly enjoy enables you to be more skilled at providing meaningful rewards for yourself.
  • The more you look to yourself for satisfaction, the less you’ll be tempted to place unrealistic demands upon others to make you happy. So your relationships benefit and thrive.

Remember, time for yourself is always within reach.  When you keep your promises to yourself, you’ll find that your energy, efficiency, and effectiveness all receive a huge boost. AND you boost your productivity as a result. What could be better?

So, what is your next step for enhancing your quality of life and productivity?

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