Boundaries, Follow-Through and Rewards — Keys to Your Time Success


A reward often works better than a consequence.

Setting time boundaries is a prime tool for finding time. And as many of you know, it can present challenges on many levels.

There are the interpersonal challenges that pop up as you set your boundaries and then people respond or react to your actions.

And then there are also internal hurdles to overcome. You react, too, and maintaining boundaries with yourself can be as difficult, if not more so, as maintaining them with others.

So, let’s look at some powerful keys to your time success as you work to address those challenges.

Boundaries and Rewards — Carrots vs. Consequences.

When setting and maintaining time boundaries, it’s important to remember that rewards for people, especially children, are far more effective than consequences.

When you’re asking people to respect your time boundaries, the key is to explain the reward when you explain the boundary. That will be far more effective for you than becoming angry at someone for interrupting you after you have asked them not to.

It’s Not Just About Boundary-Setting — Follow-Through Builds Trust

Follow-through gives meaning to your words. Make sure to follow through with the boundary you’ve set and with the reward. You might even choose to reinforce this by noting that you mentioned it previously. This helps to emphasize that you appreciate what the other person has done and highlights the fact that you, too, are following through on your end of the bargain.

Rewards may help you, too, when setting a boundary. Setting a reward may diminish any discomfort or guilt you may feel as you work to be assertive and follow-through with maintaining your time boundaries.

And don’t forget that this absolutely applies to internal boundaries, too. When you set a boundary for yourself and follow-through on it, be sure that you also reward your own helpful time choices. You have total control over this, and it’s a powerful way to build self-trust.

So, how have you used rewards in setting time boundaries, either with others or with yourself?

And how has it worked for you?

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