Boundaries and Templates Save You Time and Stress During the Holidays


Create templates and set boundaries to find time.

Boundaries are real life-savers when times get busy. And what busier time is there than this season?

So setting strong time boundaries is vital. And yet, this is precisely the time when it can be most challenging to maintain those boundaries.

Do you notice how quickly it feels like the time goes from Halloween to Thanksgiving and then on to the December holidays?

Of course, the reality is that there are 24 hours in every day, no matter what the season. But part of the reason that the time seems to fly by when you get busy is because your boundaries aren’t as strong as they might be. One experience blends into another. Before you know it hours, and then days, have slipped by.

Your ability to enjoy one day at a time as you progress from holiday to holiday, depends on your time choices. And the time to start making these wise time choices is now. The ability to focus is key, and you can make the decision to treat each holiday as an individual event.

Boundaries and Templates – Time Choices Help You Through

So here are 3 tips you can start working with now, as you take charge of your time and claim fuller enjoyment of your moments.

1. Trim time with templates.

Perhaps the most valuable tool to help you make helpful time choices is the use of templates. Taking the holidays as an example, I suggest that you use what you’ve learned from past celebrations, creating templates for what makes each holiday special and unique for you and your family.

2. List the rituals.

Document your family’s traditional ways of celebrating particular holidays. Arrange the list into key tasks. Rather than focusing on a static ‘snapshot’ of the holiday, consider how each individual who’ll be present can contribute as an integral part of the entire process.

3. Celebrate uniqueness.

Your list will differ from other lists we have talked about for finding time. When it comes to celebrating holidays, every family has its unique ways. Acknowledge these in your list of tasks. Include the template you’ve created from previous celebrations, and be sure that your task-list includes these little things that carry special meaning for each person.


Set Boundaries by Delegating and Sharing Responsibility

You need to take care of yourself, which means setting boundaries. So, when the coordination of all the preparatory tasks begins, remember that everyone can do his/her share and still preserve the traditions.

Your task templates give you an easy way to delegate, and tasks can be geared to the interests and capabilities of your ‘crew.’ Using templates gives you a head start on things, which has the added benefit of allowing time for special coaching of the younger participants. This in turn becomes part of their cherished holiday memories.

And most importantly, you are no longer the only source or the keeper of the keys to your family tradition.

You can relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that everything will occur on time and in a way that honors everyone sharing your celebrations. With this boundary in place, your anxiety diminishes, and you will find the time to do the things that make the holidays joyous for you.

Interested in learning more about the all-important skill of boundary-setting? Well, this is the perfect time to start exploring. Click the link below to learn more:

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