Boundaries Between Work and Home-Balancing Your Time

Time Boundaries

Boundaries Between Work and Home

Boundaries are key to finding time for what matters most to you.  However, many people struggle with this skill.

In this series of posts I’m going to help you learn how to establish boundaries that work for you by exploring the advantages and the challenges in implementing this time tool.

Time management asks you to prioritize and make tough decisions every day. One area where those choices can be especially difficult is around what balance to strike between work and home.  You maintain this balance with a boundary. It may be strong or flexible – that’s up to you.  Just keep in mind that the most successful boundaries are those that match your values and that you communicate clearly.

What happens if you create a strong boundary between work and home? It all depends upon factors like your temperament, your communication skills, and the strength of your support system.

Advantages to Drawing Strong Boundaries Between Work and Home:

Advantage #1: Fewer Interruptions

If you discourage emergency calls from home or work, your schedule is less likely to be disrupted by others’ urgency. If you’re constantly reacting to urgency from others, that can lead to rash decisions that undermine your effectiveness and erode others’ trust.

Advantage #2: Promoting Competence in Family Members and Co-Workers

Encouraging those who are qualified to handle things on their own promotes their confidence and competence. Helping prepare them to grow into such responsibilities demonstrates trust and can lead to better relationships all around.

Advantage #3: You are Able to Focus on One Thing at a Time

Strong boundaries reduce outside distraction and encourage focus, flow, and personal productivity both at work and at home.

Studies indicate that 2 or more hours per day of productivity are sacrificed to daily distractions in the U.S. workforce.  That’s a huge amount of time … so don’t let those hours be yours!

Next week we’ll explore some of the challenges in developing and implementing strong time boundaries between work and home.  And for now, I’d like you to consider what your next step will be … to create more effective boundaries, so that you can find more time.

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