Boundary Setting Creates the Space You Need – Inside and Outside – to Find More Time!

Boundary-SettingBoundary setting is a skill that is vital, not only to your time management success but for living your life to its fullest.  It empowers us to shape our moments and sharpen our focus.

We use boundaries to delineate what we let in and what we let out.  When you need to really buckle down and get things done, boundary setting lets you minimize distractions (what gets in) and hone in on your goal.

Boundary Setting:  Can Your Thrive Without This Skill?

But does boundary setting sound like a lot of work?  And does a life without boundaries have a nice ring to it for you?  I certainly see how you’d think a boundary-less life would be unfettered and expansive.  You’d expect your creativity to really take off, with the sky being the only limit.

But let’s step back and think about it.  What would life really be like without boundaries?

Well, picture yourself writing a blog post or meditating in the midst of a 3-year-old’s birthday party.  Or imagine trying to drink water using a sieve.

Can you see how boundaries and boundary setting are vital to our productivity, our peace of mind and, ultimately, to our survival?

Boundary Setting:  It’s ME Who’s Key!

Inner Boundary ChecklistWhen it comes to setting and maintaining boundaries the biggest hurdles to overcome are never external.  No, for each of us, the biggest challenges to our boundary setting success come from inside.

That’s where the Inner Boundary Checklist comes in.  Click on the graphic to the left, to see an enlarged version that gives you an idea of what’s involved in working with your Inner Boundaries.  We each hold the power and the key to our own boundary setting success.  Our choices and our level of follow through are the decisive factors.

But it sure helps to have the right tools, and the Inner Boundary Checklist is a step-by-step, easy-to-use guide.  It gently walks you through the process of setting and maintaining those vital inner boundaries – the ones that help you keep your eye on the prize.

Whether it’s a project you need to complete or a self-care activity that you tend to neglect, your boundary setting skills can move you from wherever you are today to where you’d like to be.

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