Calm Your Mind — How Affirmations Bring Peaceful Quiet

Its humanly possible to calm your mind
Calm your mind; find your joy.

When you calm your mind you give yourself a powerful gift. And the ability to calm your mind is something that is entirely in your hands.

But how is that possible when the clock is ticking, you’re under stress, and your to-do list is way too long for the time you have available?

Well, let’s consider the possibilities…

Learning to Calm Your Mind

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with frantic thoughts about all you need to get done the next day?

Are you ever unsure about where to start because you have so much to do and no time to get it done?

Everyone has these feelings from time to time, but you don’t have to let them rule your life or your moments. A calm mind is a more attentive and proactive mind. And learning to address and adjust your thoughts, helps you enjoy your life more than you already do.

Find Peace Within

When you have a mind that just won’t stop, you usually are hard-pressed to find inner peace. The more your mind races, the more anxious and frustrated you may become. And this may lead to unproductive days, weeks, and even months.

So, here’s something to try. When your mind starts racing and you’re not sure which way to turn next, pause and repeat a positive affirmation. Positive self-talk helps you program your mind to work in a new and different way.

You might use an affirmation like, “I trust my ability to relax. I am calm and peaceful.” Although this may not be the case at the moment, if you repeat it consistently, you will start to believe it.

This, in turn, helps you change your inner dialogue. And that helps you weather those moments when you are tempted to succumb to the stress and/or chaos surrounding you.

The power of the positive…

Positive affirmations are important because they give you permission to turn off the negative dialogue in your mind and replace it with positive thoughts. Negativity feeds your feelings of turmoil. And when you replace that with peaceful affirmations, you transform your energy. 

If you have a hard time believing that this strategy will work for you, give it a try with an open heart and mind. Stick with it and reap the benefits over time. I think you’ll be surprised to find how quickly your outlook changes when you find a positive affirmation that resonates for you.

So, how will you give this a chance today?  What affirmation will you have ready the next time you feel your stress level rising?

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