Celebrate – No Matter How Many Candles Are Involved!

Birthday Cake

Celebrate your years and YOU!

Finding time to celebrate the passing years as you age is a skill that stands you in good stead for life’s transitions.

I think about that, as I enter my birth month and get ready to celebrate another birthday.

It’s a journey, and  finding time to achieve true contentment  as you grow to meet the inevitable challenges that the years bring is an essential part of that journey.

Aging can be a sneaky surprise. Intellectually, you know that with each birthday you add a year. But some consequences of growing older can creep up on you and tap you on the shoulder. They can be startling and disquieting – especially when you haven’t planned for them and don’t feel like you have time to make the necessary adjustments.

Stop and think about it. Does it seem, as you age, that projects ‘suddenly’ take longer to complete? Of course it isn’t really a sudden change. The slowdown has actually been occurring gradually over a period of time. But your realization of the reality can seem to come out of the blue.

The challenge in such a situation is to avoid three types of reactions:

First, avoid denial.

It is tempting, when you first realize that it takes you longer to complete a task, to think this is a one-time occurrence and that if you simply focus and work harder, your original efficiency will return. It probably won’t.

Second, avoid becoming entrenched in anger and frustration.

This is a natural initial response, but as you grow angrier and more frustrated, you also become slower and less accurate, creating a vicious cycle of frustration.

Third, don’t remain mired in sadness.

It is important to grieve the loss of your former level of efficiency. That frees you to embrace your new reality. But don’t stay stuck in the sadness. By acknowledging and accepting your new reality, you gain clarity about your options. Then your next task is to choose one!

The difficulty that accompanies denial, chronic resentment, or despondency is that these responses limit your ability to make and follow through on functional and appropriate choices.

So I encourage you to acknowledge your feelings of loss, and express them in appropriate ways within appropriate contexts. Then prepare to problem-solve and resolve the issues that arise.

This balanced approach keeps you grounded and aware. It enables you to maintain clarity and to address challenges effectively so that you keep moving forward and feel good about what you accomplish.

It’s your journey, so find time to celebrate each and every step along the way!

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