Celebrate the Person You See in the Mirror, and Energize Yourself Every Day


Don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself.

Finding time to acknowledge what we value and hold dear, and celebrate it, is a worthy pursuit every single day.

Yet how often do you do it?

Celebrating yourself and recognizing the values that you hold close to your heart is a surefire way to reconnect with wellsprings of inner energy.

And here’s an interesting idea: What about using times of celebration — like the winter holidays — as a reminder to celebrate yourself?

Celebrate YOU this season…

Holidays provide a built-in pause in our schedules. And many holidays also offer reminders about values and/or role models that we can reflect on.

And honestly, ANY opportunity to pause and reflect is an opportunity to find greater depth and new insights.  It is also a chance to refresh and energize yourself — all in the brief span of a moment.

Vitamins for the Soul

Indeed, finding time to give yourself messages of self-validation is a very powerful and accessible source of energy.  As much as the voice of the inner critic might undermine and deplete you, your self-validations are like vitamins for the soul.

So, how do you celebrate yourself?

What qualities do you most value in yourself?

Know that the more you celebrate yourself and recognize your good qualities the more energy and resilience you will bring to your life.

When’s the last time you paused to reflect and celebrate who you are?  I’d love to hear…

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