Change a Pattern to Transform Your Vision and Your Time

change a view, change a pattern
Change a pattern to change your view.

When you change a pattern, everything shifts.

Sometimes the shift is subtle. Other times it may be seismic.

But either way, learning to recognize patterns and then make conscious choices about them is one of the most powerful skills that you can cultivate in your life. 

Patterns help, but…

Creating systems and templates (both are essentially patterns) are excellent time-savers. 

However, patterns may also become rote responses. Under some circumstances, that may not be helpful.

And one fact about living is that when you change a pattern, there is a ripple effect. As the poet/musician Tuli Kupferburg once wrote:

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.

Change a pattern…

What if one of your patterns is to always say yes when a co-worker interrupts you to ask for help with her project? 

You want to be helpful. But this pattern often means that you don’t complete your own tasks. 

So what if you said a firm and friendly “No” the next time she asked?

Imagine the difference that cold make.

It’s all about seeing.

Learning to recognize and change a pattern needn’t entail a huge time commitment.  Rather, it requires a simple willingness, even an eagerness, to see. 

When you observe without judgment, your eyes open wider, and the possibilities become endless. As you begin to explore this time management skill for yourself, everything will begin to look different.

And then setting a time boundary for yourself (essentially that is what you did when you said “No”) becomes a real possibility. This is a choice with life-changing ramifications. 

So much is possible.

Choosing change is transformative. As Marcel Proust has pointed out:

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

So, how will you start looking at your patterns? What kinds of changes have you already made?

Are time boundaries a familiar tool for you? How will you set a time boundary today?

And for more help:

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