Change is Coming: How to Manage It and Shape What Comes Next

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Embrace change to thrive…

Change is coming. That’s a statement that is true most every day.

But today it carries special meaning because here in the US we are about to have an election. 

And yes, that may very possibly be the understatement of the year.

No matter how you feel about the possible results of this particular election, I bet we can agree that it’s going to change things.

This is because any election marks a pause and a transition toward some kind of a new beginning.

When change is coming, feelings abound.

Any transition is accompanied by many feelings:  anticipation, excitement, uncertainty, even fear.

When you’re in transition, you are faced with the challenge of letting go of the familiar, often before the new has taken shape. 

You’re not sure what the future looks like, and you’re not sure how it will feel or how to relate to it.  Indeed, it can feel like nothing is familiar, and that’s deeply disorienting.

How do you manage?

An election illustrates this on a grand, communal scale.  Yet, in your daily life, you deal with smaller transitions and changes all the time.  How you approach this has a significant impact on your productivity, your relationships with others, and your ability to appreciate each moment.

Time is the medium in which you experience and manage change. This allows you to neutralize some of the feelings. You see the possibility of expecting change. Then it becomes another ingredient in your day, rather than an unwelcome interruption in what’s familiar to you. 

You are powerful.

You reclaim your power and agency when you embrace any transition or upheaval as a fact and as something you will manage within the time you have. Viewed this way, and with a bit of curiosity thrown in, it might even become an adventure.

The difference between resisting change and planning for it is the difference between bracing yourself in front of a breaking wave and riding it. As you fully embrace change, you will be like the surfer, eagerly scanning the ocean for the next wave to ride.

Of course, not all changes are going to be welcome ones, but acceptance opens possibilities that digging your heels in will obscure.

And that profoundly affects what comes next.

So, how do you relate to change?  And how does that choice affect your focus, your time management, and your productivity?

For more help…

Do you ever feel like change is coming at you too fast, or like it just arrives, uninvited, out of the blue?

I’ve recently been working with a client who was blind-sided by the sudden passing of a long-time co-worker. It’s turned her work life upside down and has also shaken her on a deep and personal level because this co-worker was the same age and also a good friend.

We’ve been working together on this for several weeks now. And I shared a time tool with her that I want to share with you as well. It’s titled How to Partner with Change and Aging. And to discover more about it right now, you can click here.

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