Change and Your Time — Let Your Feelings Help You Through

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How do YOU relate to change?

Change is everywhere.

So, how do you relate to change? The choices you make about this are profound, affecting your focus, your time management, and your productivity.

And the thing is, no matter what life is presenting you with at any given time, changes always initiate a transition toward a new beginning.

What’s your go-to feeling about this?

With transitions come many feelings:  anticipation, excitement, uncertainty, even fear.

When you’re in transition, you are letting go of the familiar. That’s a big step because the new has not yet taken shape.  You’re not sure what the future looks like, and you’re not sure how it will feel or how to relate to it. When you’re in the midst of change, if you really let yourself experience your feelings, nothing is familiar.

So how do you feel about this experience of uncertainty? How you approach this affects everything, including your relationships with others and your ability to appreciate each moment.

Time and Change

And, if you step back and think about it, time is “the medium of change.”  It’s the environment in which all of our changes take place. When you think of it this way, going through changes and transitions becomes an expectation, rather than an unwelcome interruption in what’s familiar to you.  Change can become an adventure.

Taking it a step further, consider that your changes might even become adventures. Indeed, approached with openness and curiosity, the unknown becomes something to be explored, rather than a scary thing to be resisted.

Surfing, anyone?

So, let’s think about surfing for a second. The difference between resisting change and embracing it as an adventure is the difference between cowering in front of a breaking wave and riding it. Transforming your feelings about change means you can be like the surfer, eagerly scanning the horizon for the next wave to ride.

How will you choose to greet the changes life presents?   Will you dig in your heels or do you go for it?  How you respond will affect your experience and your path in big and unforeseeable ways.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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