Change, Whether Predictable or Unexpected, Always Rocks the Boat

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Change always rocks the boat.

Change is in the air at this time of year. But if you think about it, it’s really always in the air. Like your in-breath and your out-breath, change is a constant.

This past weekend we nearly had a frost here in New Hampshire. Barely September, and already some of our tender plants were nipped by the cold.

We were lucky to escape with just a little bit of damage from the cold. Most plants and flowers I associate with late summer are still gracing the gardens, but some of the cosmos are gone. And we’ve definitely had a taste of what’s to come.

There’s Change and then There’s CHANGE

That’s a mild version of change. Then there’s the havoc brought by hurricanes like Harvey and the approaching Irma. Those are the kinds of changes that overturn lives and require years to recover from.

The commonality, in both scenarios, is that we are reminded that we are not actually in charge of what befalls us.

Time management, in many peoples’ views, is all about organization and planning and controlling your time.  These are not bad goals, by any means, but…

Life and Your Plans

Life is always bigger than your plans. Whether changes are predictable, like the near-frost this weekend, or unpredictable, like a hurricane, a sudden illness, or an accident, they can throw your plans out of sync.

And of course, changes aren’t just negative.  Something like an unexpected windfall or a new friend still rocks the boat. It presents something new in your life, and asks you to adjust.

Consider this thought, from Charles Darwin:

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

So, what kinds of changes have you recently encountered and adjusted to?

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