Changes Overwhelming You? This Helps You Thrive Your Way Through Transitions


Transitions get you from here to there…

Transitions and changes are constant in our lives.

We are each unique in how we approach them. And they can feel overwhelming at times.

So, as we move toward a new month, what better time to explore the nature of transitions?

I’ll help you begin to look at some of the ways you experience transitions and move through them. And as we do that, I’ll be encouraging you to notice shifting patterns and fluctuations in your energy flow.

Transitions 101

Transitions begin by ending the old. As one month gives way to the next, you must move forward in the face of uncertainty.

Are you glad to be moving ahead? Will you miss what you’re letting go of? Losses and gains intertwine, advancing and receding in an ongoing tug-of-war.

Because this flux and uncertainty can be so demanding, it’s helpful to understand how your own approach to transitions shapes your experience. The following brief exercise will help you get a handle on this, as it lets you place yourself in the “transition space.”

Ready to give it a try?

Exercise: You and Your Transitions

First, relax, close your eyes, breathe in and out, and repeat to yourself the word “transition.”

Let it percolate as you repeat the word, then jot down the first 3 words that come to mind. Do this quickly, so you invite what’s not fully conscious to surface. You can build later on the insights you gather.

These 3 words reveal the “frame” of how you view transitions.

Second, take each word and write a sentence about it. Again, do this quickly.

The sentences deepen and extend your transition frame, What you write provides you with insights about how your approach to transitions shapes your efforts and results.

Bring Yourself Back

Now bring your awareness to the present. These next questions help you apply this exercise to your ‘here and now’ transition challenges.

As always, writing your answers down helps you concretize them. So, ask yourself:

  • Is there a transition you are going through right now?
  • How does it change your time and focus?
  • What activities recede as you move through this time?
  • And what activities become more important?

Make a note of what you discover, so you can put it to work for you.

Think of your transitions as processes…

Understanding the basic nature of transitions helps you focus your efforts. Transitions are not a straight line forward. Each transition embodies a process. You will experience a beginning, a middle and an end.

Understanding this rhythm of transition will help you schedule your activities in transitional times.

Think of a transition as a path. And know that your path may circle, even double back. You might even feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. But as long as you open to the lessons that transitions offer, you will move forward.

Even in the most challenging parts, there is always momentum. The movement may seem all too slow. Sometimes you may not even feel it. Then, suddenly, the next step forward may jar you with its force. No wonder flexibility and open-mindedness help you in times of change.

It helps to remember: While you may not have control over the transition itself, you have all the control over how you move through the transition.

More help for transition times…

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