Choose Gratitude to Expand and Deepen Your Time Every Day!

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Gratitude-a powerful year ’round attitude!

Gratitude is on the minds of many here in the States, on the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday. And yet, when it comes to your experience of each and every one of your days, if you consistently choose gratitude it has a profound effect on your perspective and your energy throughout the year.

The power is in your hands. When you  choose gratitude you, quite literally, change how the world looks and feels to you.

That’s because your choice, while it doesn’t change reality, transforms your relation to whatever life has presented to you. This, in turn opens doors and allows you to access energies and ideas that really can change reality.

Here’s an example:

Your knee-jerk reaction when you make a mistake may be to feel angry or upset with yourself. It probably isn’t to feel grateful. However, when you choose gratitude and welcome your mistake, a multitude of new insights and opportunities open to you. These are things that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible to you. When you consciously choose gratitude you open new vistas for yourself. You can see things that simply aren’t visible when you have blinders on!

Choose Gratitude and Change Your World

So, no matter what events and challenges you are presented with in your everyday life, you always have choices. This is a powerful and simple fact — and yet it’s one that is often overlooked, except at special times of year like Thanksgiving.

Here’s what I’d like you to take away from this post: If you’re running into roadblocks or feeling stuck and overwhelmed next Tuesday, how will you respond? Will you choose Self-criticism? Anger? Denial? Worry? Procrastination?

Well, I hope you’ll remember that Gratitude is always a choice that’s available to you. And I hope you’ll choose gratitude in that moment and see for yourself how it changes everything.

Taking the lessons of Thanksgiving and extending them into each and every day is a perfect way to empower yourself and enhance and deepen your experience of time.

So here’s to you (for whom I feel very grateful every day) and to your time success!

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