Choosing Gratitude — See How It Changes Each One of Your Moments

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Choosing gratitude…

Choosing gratitude immediately enriches your time and your life. When I suggest this, I am talking about an appreciation for your daily ‘here and now.’

Indeed, gratitude is grounded solidly in the realities of life. They may be challenging realities sometimes, but when you are choosing gratitude you are taking the full measure of your gifts.

You know that anything you now possess is temporary.  Anything, that is, except your choices. So, here are 3 timely tips that are firmly grounded in the power of choosing gratitude.

Appreciate your strengths by choosing gratitude. 

Gratitude opens your heart. When you are grateful and focused on the positives around you, you respond to challenges with a fuller awareness of the resources you can draw upon.  You respond with agility and creativity and make the most of what you have. Your strengths shine.

So try this:  The next time you feel overwhelmed, take a few moments to list what you are grateful for. You are replacing a scarcity mentality with an abundance reality. Your decisions around time will always be stronger when you anchor yourself with gratitude and a thorough assessment of your assets.

Let gratitude move you toward your goals. 

Whatever your current situation may be, envision a successful outcome that is within your control. Maybe it’s a triumph over difficult odds. Or maybe it’s a triumph of spirit that comes from your dedication to grow and learn. Either way, it is your triumph. 

Notice how your realistic gratitude scenario helps overcome those fear-based “what if?” fantasies that kindle anxiety and sleeplessness. Remind yourself that your capacity for choosing gratitude springs from your very real strengths in the here-and-now.

Choose your allies with gratitude.

If you want to make a major turnaround in your life, envision yourself joining the ranks of the people whose inspirational stories energize you. You can be as successful and inspiring as they are.

Try this:  Consider the words of encouragement you would offer someone who looks to you for guidance. Give yourself this message, and write it down. Review it at the end of the day. And give thanks to yourself that you care enough about yourself to make the best of this moment, and all moments to come.

Keep choosing gratitude…

If you’re ready to start transforming your time, ask yourself:

  • How will you start strengthening your sense of gratitude to enhance your effectiveness and find more time?
  • What will be your very first step, and when will you take it?

And for more help…

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