Choosing the New, It’s All Up to You

New Leaves

Choosing the new opens doors…

Choosing the new is a proactive and affirmative time choice that you have the power to make in each and every moment.

And, indeed, finding time to welcome the adventure of each new day and each new moment, transforms your relationship with time.

This is an especially good time to think about this: as we approach the holiday season and the start of a new year. Just step back and think about it for a moment. Isn’t it striking that we give ourselves the gift of celebrating newness so infrequently?

Once a year doesn’t seem nearly enough to me. Does it to you?

Choosing the new…

I really love the idea that we can choose the new whenever we want to. It’s within our power to decide when and how to create and welcome new beginnings for ourselves.

So, personally, I find it very energizing to frame each day as a new beginning.   Choosing the new, I take to heart what Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

Of course, being able to greet the newness of THIS day means letting go of the day that has gone by.

That’s a skill to be cultivated because holding on is a such a debilitating energy drain. Whatever you did or did not accomplish yesterday really and truly has no meaning today unless you invite it to.  Bringing along that baggage from yesterday, whether you perceive it as positive or negative, really just means that you are carrying something extra (and unnecessary) as you set out on today’s journey.

You see – this is so key – how you perceive your time truly transforms it.

Awaken to adventure…

When I greet a new morning as an adventure, I immediately feel more energy. Inside, I feel anticipation and curiosity about what is to come.  And this is a choice I make.  When I see things this way, each moment feels like an adventure as it unfolds.

Of course, this isn’t a one-time decision. It’s a choice made repeatedly throughout the day.

So, what do you think?

Do you choose to frame your time as an amazing adventure on this new day?

It’s a choice that changes everything.

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”  Alan Cohen

And here’s more for you…

Have you had times in your life that just felt good to you? Moments that you would go back to if you could? I call this your ‘Ideal Day” and it’s different for each of us.

What do you picture when you imagine something like that for yourself? Are you peaceful and quiet? Maybe you’re focused and fully engaged in a project or pursuit. The answers will be unique to you, but what’s always the same is that it’s something you can give yourself whenever you choose.

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