Chores Galore: How to Use Templates to Increase Efficiency and Find Lots More Time!

TemplatesTemplates are among the most useful time management tools going. Easy to create and maintain, they are powerful time-savers that you need to add to your time management repertoire, if you haven’t already!

Finding time with task templates is  a very accessible and practical path for reducing your stress and increasing your daily effectiveness.

Computers, tablets and smartphones make templates very easy to create, tweak, track, and access from almost anywhere. And even if you’re like me and still prefer paper and pencil for some tasks, templates work just fine in that venue, too.  (The tweaking and tracking parts are a lot easier when you use a computer, though, I have to admit.)  😉

You can use templates for everything from holiday planning to your weekly shopping chores, to seasonal tasks, to making sure that vital business functions get tended to. Whatever you use them for, you can rest assured that each and every time you make a template you are giving your time management repertoire a big boost!

Templates:  Why Are They So Helpful?

Task templates save you time by freeing you from having to review or recreate repeatable steps. Why reinvent the wheel, when you don’t need to?

Think of your task templates as like a recipe or a sewing pattern. The templates you create for yourself spring from the same premise.

You certainly don’t want to sit down and rewrite that recipe or recreate that pattern every time you want to sew or cook! Instead, you pull out the pattern or recipe and follow its basic outline.  And maybe you embellish or tweak it as you go – but you have a path to follow – and that saves you TONS of time!  (Not to mention helping you avoid mistakes.)

Templates: Try Using Them This Holiday Season

Holidays provide excellent occasions for making use of templates – there are so many details you want to remember!  For a taste of how templates can work for you as the holiday season approaches, take a look at this post from last November – Time Choices: 3 Tips for Using Templates This Holiday Time.

Whether you use them for big occasions or daily tasks, templates assure that you don’t miss key steps.  Not only that, but they free up your mind and your energy so that you can more fully live each of your moments.

Try templates for yourself – and please leave a comment – I’d love to hear about the kinds of templates you use and how they work for you!

AND, I have a template ready-made for you, if you’d like to give it a try.  It’s the proven and powerful Personal Boundary Template and it’s yours as part of my FREE Finding Time Success Kit!  Claim it for yourself by simply adding your name and e-mail address in the space at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

What if you could find another hour every week? You can! 

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  1. Great stuff! I totally agree with you. I always use templates for everything from budgeting, to shopping, to work procedures. Saves a lot of time, not to mention my sanity!
    I’m always looking for ways to save time. I’ve signed up and look forward to receiving my success kit.

  2. Yep, I am a bit of a task freak! – I love list and spreadsheets.

  3. Jennifer Hughes says

    You could say I am a list freak. I have lists of lists. I think I have found the solution. I have 1 notebook. I title each page and then when I go to write something down, I look to see if I have started a page about that subject. It has really helped. I will download your template and see how it can help me as well! Thanks!

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