Chrome Extension to Help You De-Clutter and Find Time

Tab Snooze

The Tab Snooze Google Chrome extension de-clutters your workspace.

This is a Google Chrome extension that I think you’re going to like – especially as you make plans to de-clutter and get organized for the start of a New Year!

It’s called Tab Snooze and it’s a Chrome extension that allows you to make your browser tabs disappear when you don’t need them and appear when you do!

But why would you want to cut down on the number of  tabs that you have open?  Well, for one thing, the more tabs the more confusing and cluttered your workspace is.  Not only that, but each open tab offers a potential distraction.

In addition, having many tabs open at a time slows down your computer – there’s just too much for it to manage.

So, you can see right off the bat how this Chrome extension gives a boost to your on-line experience!

TabSnooze2When you install Tab Snooze you’ll see a small crescent moon icon appear  … looking like the image to the right. The number (in our case a “2” at the moment) indicates the number of tabs that Tab Snooze is currently managing.

If you use your tabs like a to-do list (and many people do), Tab Snooze can give you scheduled reminders about particular tasks that need to be tended to.  And perhaps even more importantly, it can hide potentially distracting items until the time that you actually DO need to engage with them.

There are lots of customizable options. You can pick a specific date (and time) to have the selected tab reappear. You can simply e-mail the selected tab to yourself, which will give you the link for future reference.


And you can create defaults for your system, as reflected in the image to the left. (Click on it to see an enlarged version.) This Chrome extension allows you to customize quite a lot.

It creates a streamlined, de-cluttered workspace and gives you timely reminders so that nothing falls off your plate.

So, what kinds of things might you use this for?

Well, I use it for my Fitbit interface, putting the Fitbit Dashboard Tab on snooze status until evening.  That way, I’m not distracted by it AND I have an opportunity to review my exercise every day.  (And if I feel that I need to check my step count, I can always ‘awaken’ the tab by clicking on the icon and clicking “Snoozed Tabs” to take a peek.  Clicking “Alt+L” brings up the list of snoozed tabs as well.)

As you look at ways to streamline your work and find time in the coming year, I recommend that you check out Tab Snooze.  As Chrome extensions go, this looks to be a very useful and user-friendly addition to your toolbox.

Here’s to your time success!


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