Chrome Extension to Organize Tabs and Save Time!

Chrome Spaces Screen

Spaces will help you manage your tabs in Chrome!

Is Chrome your browser?  If it is, I think you’re going to like this new Chrome extension called Spaces.

And if you don’t use Chrome, read on  anyway – because this might convince you to consider a switch!

Spaces, in a nutshell, is an easy-to-use, highly intuitive tab manager that gives you the option of saving and jumping between windows that display various sets of tabs.

How would you actually use this Chrome extension in your everyday work?

Well, you can create sets of tabs for different tasks, name them, save them, and then have them accessible for you when you need them. For example, using Spaces, you might create a set of tabs specifically for Blogging that would include sites that you frequently want to link to when you’re writing a blog post. When it’s time to work on your blog, you’d go to Spaces and find the set of tabs that you’ve called “Blogging.”

Or let’s say you’re working on your statistics.  You might create a set of tabs that included Google Analytics — with tabs for the specific pages you’d want to examine — along with tabs for stats you look at in your shopping cart, etc.

Another idea would be to create a social networking space in a separate Chrome window, or a space for working on our personal finances.

Or how about a shopping space?  😉

The possibilities are limited only by your need and your imagination!

Here’s what the Spaces developers say about their Chrome Extension (taken from the

Spaces was developed to help users that tend to have way too many tabs open in a chrome window. It encourages you to move tabs that are not immediately relevant into a different, more appropriate space – thus removing it from your current window. This keeps your chrome session manageable – both visually and from a memory perspective. recently published a good article titled “Spaces is a tab workspace manager for Google Chrome” that walks you through how to use this Chrome extension.  I won’t reinvent the wheel here, but would note that the author (Martin Brinkmann) does an excellent job of offering a step-by-step, quick-start guide for using this tool.

As with any tech tool, you’ll start saving time only after you’ve used it for a bit and integrated it into your workflow.  From what I can tell so far, Spaces is going to be something that we use regularly here at The Time Finder.

How about you?


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