Chrome Extensions: 2 New Tools to Streamline Your Time

Chrome ExtensionsChrome Extensions can help you work faster and smarter, finding time with some easy tweaks to your online workflow.

But what are extensions anyway? Well, browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari all now permit developers to write code that ‘extends’ what  the browser does.  So, no matter what browser you use, your experience can be optimized by adding extensions which have been developed to enhance specific functions and add to the capabilities of the browser.

If you click on the links above, you’ll notice that many popular applications, like Evernote, Remember the Milk, Dropbox, etc. have extensions in each of the different browsers.  That’s because the coding is different, depending on the platform.

My VA is a PC user and prefers Chrome, so she often explores new Chrome extensions, experiments with them and then lets me know what she thinks.  And lately, she’s been looking at a couple that I thought you’d be interested in, too!  (And if they don’t exist in your browser now, chances are that – if they prove to be popular – they will be ‘translated’ by some enterprising developer.)

Chrome Extensions:  2 for Finding Time

The first of our 2 Chrome extensions is Cotton Tracks (also available for Opera).  What Cotton Tracks does is record your browsing history and organize it by topic.  It then displays this information (when you click on the Cotton Tracks tab) so you can view where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.  You don’t have to do a thing – and it allows you to track back and retrieve important links as needed.

From a time management perspective, I also like this extension because it allows you to observe where you are spending your time.  So it may offer you important information about on-line time drains that you weren’t even conscious of.

Here’s a brief video that gives you an overview of Cotton Tracks.  (Oh, and it’s free!)

The second Chrome extension allows for Multi-Account Login at the same time.  This is very useful for anyone who needs to manage multiple accounts for their work or personal use.  My VA first read about it on lifehacker, where it’s described as follows:

The Chrome extension works a bit like Multifox for Firefox, but I actually found it even simpler to use. It appears as a little button in your toolbar. Click and it opens a new tab that acts like an ‘incognito tab’—which was originally this extension’s name. You can now visit any web site in this tab, and whether you are already signed into the service in another tab or not, you can start another session with a different login right here.

Here is a video demonstrating how this extension works:

Do you use Chrome extensions – or extensions in another browser?  What are your favorites?  Share them in a comment – we’d love to hear!

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