Chunked Planning for Increased Focus — Here’s Part 2

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Express your feelings and find your focus.

Finding time to get everything done that you need to is a perennial challenge. And a time tool that I call ‘Chunked Planning’ gives you a big boost in your time management efforts.

In my last post, I explored some of the ways that you can allow yourself much more flexibility in your day by building in brief stopping points where you can adjust your plans to address any changes that have affected your time.

‘Chunked Planning’ and Focus

Today I’d like to take a look at some ways that ‘Chunked Planning’ helps you sharpen and maintain your focus.

Have you noticed that, throughout your day, you have ebbs and flows of energy? Well, proponents of the Pomodoro Technique advise us to chunk our time to help with that. Building in short breaks is a way to enhance focus and flow.  If you’ve tried it, you know what a powerful tool this can be.

With ‘Chunked Planning’ I tweak this technique slightly.

You might still have your built-in break times, but the regular planning times allow for fuller reflection and for making conscious choices about how your time will be used in the next ‘chunk.’

Here’s an example of how this might unfold in a typical day:

Suppose you have just had an upsetting call with a client with whom you have worked for many years.  It’s really derailed you.

You find that your thoughts keep returning to the call.  Clearly, your ability to focus is compromised, but you try to plow through because there’s a pile of work for you to finish up before afternoon.

You come to one of your ‘Chunked Planning’ points and review your to-do list, feeling overwhelmed and stymied.

What do you do?

  • Realize that you’re full of feelings and struggling to concentrate.
  • Shift your plans to allow for 10 minutes of writing about how you are feeling.
  • Settle down with pen and paper, set your timer, and let the feelings flow.
  • As you write, you feel clarity and calm emerging. You may also make discoveries that you jot down for future reference.
  • Return to your work when the timer goes off, feeling refreshed, re-focused and back in the flow.

Give space to your feelings…

So often we think that we don’t have time for feelings and try to “soldier on” in spite of their pull.  The reality is that when you find time to give feelings their due, you’re able to return to your work much more quickly and productively than if you ignore them.  Not only that but when you give your feelings their due, you invariably emerge from the experience with new self-knowledge.

‘Chunked Planning’ is one way to help yourself do this – a powerful gift to yourself.

How do you find time for what matters most to you?

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