Circle of Calm — A Gift to Give Yourself at Holiday Time


Create a circle of calm for yourself…

Creating a Circle of Calm for yourself may just be one of the finest gifts going at this time of year.

As we step into the holiday season, wouldn’t you love to find time to travel someplace restorative whenever you need or want to?

It’s easier than you think when you create a path to your own circle of calm.

What I mean by this is simply an inner haven that you create for yourself.  There you can recharge your vitality, breathe, and reconnect with yourself and your present moment.

A circle of calm is a quiet place where you find time to listen to your heart speak to you. You make space to soften and accept yourself. You warmly appreciate your uniqueness and emerge renewed, eased, and energized.

Create your circle of calm…

To start, just envision what this peaceful place might look and feel like to you.

Can you see it?

Don’t worry if an image doesn’t come right away. Breathe and give it some time. Relax and let yourself inhale and exhale clear, calm energy.  You’ll see and feel what this space is for you before too long. It will emerge as you let it.

And as you access this wellspring of vitality, know that you can draw on it throughout your day. You’ll stay much more focused, optimistic, centered and productive.

There are so many benefits…

Developing your power to visualize your way into a circle of calm enriches you in many ways.

  • You can learn lessons from troubles that used to stop you in your tracks.
  • Instead of amplifying others’ distress, you can take a gentle step back, remaining empathic but not becoming embroiled.
  • And you experience firsthand your power to make your life better right now.

Are you interested in learning more about how to make circles of calm part of your daily life? Boundary setting is a skill that certainly helps.

What steps will you take to get started today?

And stay tuned: I’ll include a few more tips in an upcoming post.

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