Circumstances Change, So Update Your Goals to Stay Current

adjust when circumstances change
Adjust and keep going…

When circumstances change, do you adjust or do you stay the course?

And how do you decide?

It’s a fact of life, that your circumstances change all the time. And in some situations, flexibility is what’s needed.

On the other hand, sometimes discipline and focus are the skills you want to call on.

This is key.

Here’s one goal-setting tip that helps, no matter what life is sending your way. I invite you to consider adding it to your time management toolbox.


Update your goals as circumstances change. Treat your goals as valuable guidelines, not as rigid rules.

Action Step:

You can modify any goal to better serve you. In fact, reassessing your goals periodically is an excellent way to examine and reinforce how you are evolving. Ideally, you can remain loyal to the essence of the goal, so that you and your ventures grow in the ways that you’ve intended.


Conduct goal tune-ups periodically by reviewing your time use and the goals your time choices support. Affirm your right to revise your goals, and explore how you can best integrate them with the other commitments in your life.

Here are two ways you can keep a goal vital and realistic as circumstances change:

First, you can modify its direction. For example, as you take a broader view of your intentions, you might see how a particular goal is really secondary to your main objective. In that case, you can connect it to other sub-goals. Or you might relocate it by itself, under the larger goal.

Second, you can adjust its time frame to dovetail with other commitments. You might also find it helpful to shift the order of the sub-goals. Let’s say that you plan to launch a new marketing strategy on a monthly timetable. You may realize that you can pace yourself better by scheduling your launches in a different way than you originally planned.

If you tend to judge yourself for not following your initial plans to the letter, remind yourself: a realistic process and a satisfactory outcome are the things that truly matter.

Goals are what link your dreams to your actions.

Keep them current and resilient, and watch the universe open to your efforts.

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