Clarity: A Key Ingredient in Setting Boundaries and Finding Time

Clarity-magnifying glass

Clarity helps you find more time.

Clarity helps you see what you need. And then it helps you assertively communicate what you need. This, in turn, is your key to finding time.

It’s really a back-and-forth process.

Finding time depends on your comfort with setting time boundaries.

And then your growing comfort with setting time boundaries has a lot to do with enhancing your focus, clarity, and assertiveness.

Deepening clarity

Boundary-setting requires that you have a clear image of your goals. To be able to successfully set boundaries requires that you deepen your understanding of who you are and what you value.

Then, with this knowledge as your base, your next step is to learn to be a little more assertive than usual about your time.

Time Boundaries are different

Setting boundaries around time is not the same as setting boundaries when you are dealing with difficult people. Asserting a boundary with someone who is toxic is a self-protective measure. On some level, you are simply saying, “No.”

Time boundaries aren’t just about saying no.

When your “No” is a kind of “Yes”

Setting time boundaries, on the other hand, is a fundamentally proactive and affirmative activity. While a time boundary is also saying “No” to something, it is at heart an expansive enterprise. Your time boundary gives you the space to say yes to what you truly value.

Time boundaries and your values

The most important thing to remember about time boundaries is that they enable you to use your time in a way that is consistent with your values; and they are an essential component in values-driven time management.

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