Clear Clutter to Free Up Energy and Time with These 3 Tips

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Clutter doesn’t have to create chaos for you.

Clutter makes every task harder and it drains your energy.

It’s disturbing and unsettling. Things feel chaotic, unfinished and confusing.

There’s just no getting around it.

When you’re surrounded by clutter, you’re ultimately adding to your stress, while decreasing your chances of feeling settled and satisfied.

Clearing clutter really helps.

So, finding time for decluttering is an excellent way to make two very positive changes in your life. When you do even just a small bit of decluttering, you immediately:

  • Decrease your stress and
  • Increase your productivity and satisfaction.

If clutter holds you back and makes your daily life unnecessarily challenging, you aren’t alone. And if you’re ready to start making some changes, here are 3 Tips that will help get you started and then keep you moving. As you implement these tips remember that you are unique. One size doesn’t fit all. So adapt these tips to match what you need. This is about creating clutter-free time and space for YOU — not someone else.

Your 3 Clutter Tips

  • First, survey the scene and break your challenge into pieces. Focusing on the whole easily becomes overwhelming. If you bite off too much, you are simply sabotaging your efforts, so start small. Seriously, the smaller the better.
  • Clutter is sometimes a function of not having places to put things. Whether it’s clutter in your kitchen or in your brain, if you’ve got places to put things so you know they’ll be accessible when you need them, you’re more likely to be able to “let go.” Try taking steps like adding shelves and reorganizing closets. Or maybe explore ways to create a more useful to-do list for yourself.
  • Always pause after completing a task and validate the effort. Many of us are good at validating others’ efforts but forget to do it for ourselves. It’s SO important — and in a very real way, it keeps you going. So be sure that you give yourself plenty of pats on the back every time you follow through on a goal that you have set for yourself. DON’T minimize what you accomplish.

BONUS TIP: Consider creating a “Clutter Journal” for yourself. Here you can track your progress, the challenges that crop up, and how you overcome them.

As you step out of chaos and create more time and space for yourself, you’ll be amazed to see what emerges. This is because clutter doesn’t just confound and clog your space and your time. It also puts a damper on your creativity, your energy, and your confidence.

So, start letting go of your clutter, whether it’s in your bedroom or on your to-do list. I just know that you’re going to find that your energy is freed up in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

Now, ask yourself: What are three small areas that I can declutter today? Write them down, and set a time to get started. And let me know how it goes; I’d love to hear!

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