Clear Some Clutter for a Quick Energy Boost — Really!

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Clutter clogs your energy.

When you’re drowning in clutter, nothing feels possible. Finding your way out might looks like bush-whacking your way out of a tangled jungle.

And this applies, whether it’s physical or mental clutter that has you on the ropes.

But the reality is that, challenging as it may be, clearing spaces for yourself is a vital key to accessing your full creative potential and productivity.

Physical and Mental Clutter

An excellent place to start, is to do a quick inventory of your clutter. Think of it as your clutter baseline.

Look around and just notice your surroundings. Do you see piles? Things you’ve been meaning to deal with?

And then take an inventory of your mental clutter? Are you aware of worries, repeating messages, or other chatter that undermines, distracts and pulls you off-track?

Physical and mental clutter often go hand-in-hand.  It’s debatable whether one causes the other. But what seems clear (and very empowering) is that making inroads on one area of clutter has a domino effect. Getting rid of that pile of old magazines is very likely to also clear space in areas of your life that you hadn’t even touched. It’s not that it’s magical, mind you.  But there’s definitely a synchronicity!

Whatever clutter you clear counts!

Working on whatever clutters your mental space and keeps you stuck will free up energy and focus.  Next thing you know, you’ll have gone through the closet you’ve been meaning to cull. And, as an added bonus, organizing your physical space frees your mind from the energy-draining effects of that clutter.

Wherever you choose to start, the key is to start.  I suggest that you begin with small bites. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll stop.  Use our “Think 15” mantra and spend 15-minutes at a time, working on decluttering either your physical or your mental space.  Start with whatever is right there to work on, and gradually go deeper.

It’s always a good idea to ease into it.  The principal is the same as with exercising.  If you attempt too much you’ll end up feeling tired, overwhelmed, and discouraged – and you won’t want to go back and work on your clutter again.  On the other hand, if you start small you’ll feel the rewards quickly.  Your confidence and stamina will grow and you’ll find your own natural rhythm for this work.

Are there ways that clutter saps your energy and keeps you from focusing on your priorities?  How do you manage that?  I’d love to hear!

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