Clearing Clutter is A Lot Like Weeding

clearing clutter-new routines
Clearing clutter cuts down on chaos…

Clearing clutter from your life, whether it’s in your space or on your To-Do List, is a sure path to decreasing your stress while increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

Try imagining your life as a garden.

How do your flowers and vegetables thrive?

Well, for one thing, weeding sure helps, doesn’t it? 

Make space for what’s important.

Like your garden plot, your time and space are both finite.  Sometimes these limited resources get cluttered with tasks or objects that you don’t really need or care about.

That then leaves less room for the really important things.

So, how do you make room for what you value most?

Clearing Clutter — Think Small

I know this can be a daunting challenge, especially if the clutter has gotten out of hand. 

But think of the garden image again.  You know that you probably can’t weed your whole garden in a single afternoon.  So what do you do?  Probably, you divide it into sections and clear out one piece at a time.

Approaching your clutter the same way yields visible results pretty quickly.

Enjoy those results…

Start with a small area in your house. Maybe a countertop.  Or try de-cluttering a piece of your To-Do List or schedule, letting go of one or two unnecessary tasks. 

Once you’ve de-cluttered that area, you’ll clearly see the results.  That gives you a feeling of satisfaction which fuels your next de-cluttering effort.

Creating space for more of YOU.

As you chip away at the chaos and create more time and space for yourself, you will be amazed to see what emerges.

That’s because clutter doesn’t only clog your space and your time … it also clogs your creativity, your energy, and your confidence.

As you start letting go of your clutter, whether it’s in your bedroom or on your To-Do List, you’ll find that your energy is freed up in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

And don’t let your new-found energy add to your clutter. Remember to keep weeding.

Here’s more help…

How often do distractions and interruptions pull you off track? If you feel thwarted by some of your own choices, learn to support yourself by setting and maintaining meaningful inner boundaries. 

My complimentary Inner Boundary Checklist is designed to help you do just that.  Weed out distractions and find time for what truly matters to you.

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