Compassion Opens Doors and Here’s One Question That Helps

Self-love and compassion help you blossom.

Compassion opens doors. That was the message in a post I wrote earlier this week titled Opening Possibilities by Opening Your Heart — How Compassion Helps.

When it comes to time management, finding ways to be more efficient and effective may seem like an obvious piece of advice. 

But the path to efficiency and effectiveness isn’t always where you expect to find it. And when I say that compassion opens doors, I am talking about finding that path. Once you find it, you’ll discover possibilities that hadn’t even been visible to you before.

Getting unstuck..

In my previous post, I discussed the fact that compassion is a powerful tool for getting yourself unstuck. But how does compassion give you the traction you need to free yourself?

And how do you actually get yourself to the point where your compassion opens doors?

Well, when I feel myself spinning my tires, one of the first things I do is ask myself a question. It’s a simple question — one that brings me back to myself.

“What am I trying to tell myself here?”

It’s an open-ended, interested, non-judgmental query. And in fact, it’s the sort of question you’d ask a friend. 

The simple act of asking in this way, gently and with genuine interest, opens your heart. I say it’s simple, but the impact is quite profound. It’s how compassion opens doors.

How? Well, the gentle opening of your heart also opens your mind. And this, in turn, gives you access to ALL of your possibilities.

It’s about your relationship with YOU.

This kind of interaction with yourself builds your fund of genuine self-knowledge. It’s a cornerstone of your authentic relationship with yourself. 

And that solid relationship with yourself is the most powerful base that you can possibly have for ANYTHING that you want to accomplish.

So how will you bring in your compassion today to open doors? What one ting will you do to get started?

Want more help?

You face unique questions all the time. And you’re called, continually, to come up with unique solutions. So, I’m offering something to help with that today. It’s a deck of cards — 50 cards, to be exact. And it’s titled Mindful Moments: Heart-Based Reflections on Time and Life. Brief and compelling, each card offers you something to think about. And each card is different.

The focus of this particular card series consolidates decades of my experience into bite-sized reflections and journal prompts. And working with these cards will help you pause, ponder, and deepen your experience. This enriches you, no matter what the world is bringing to your door.

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