Compassion Power Opens You to Your Possibilities

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Compassion power is real.

Compassion power might seem like an odd pairing of words but read on. It’ll make sense, I promise.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what gets me stuck and what gets me unstuck, when facing a time challenge. One of the themes that keeps coming up is that of compassion.

What is compassion power?

We could spend days exploring and defining what we mean by compassion power. But for the purpose of our discussion, try thinking of it as softening into a deep and authentic connection.

Compassion connects you with your heart. That, in turn, is what gives you realistic and reliable traction within yourself.

And that’s what gives you power.

How compassion helps…

When I’m not connected to my compassion, I just skim the surface.

So, I may buzz along quite happily as long as the terrain is flat and the weather is good. But as anyone who’s driven in snow well knows, as soon as you come to a hill or a curve everything changes.

When you can’t get good traction you are likely to get yourself stuck.

Here’s how it works.

So, how is it that compassion gives you the traction you need to free yourself from that rut and get moving again?

Well, when I feel myself spinning my wheels, one of the first things I do is ask myself a question.

“What am I trying to tell myself here?”

It’s an open-ended, interested, non-judgmental query. It’s the sort of question you’d ask a friend.  The simple act of asking in this way – gently and with genuine interest – opens the heart.  This, in turn, opens your mind and gives you access to ALL of your possibilities!

This kind of interaction with yourself builds your fund of genuine self-knowledge and is a cornerstone of your authentic relationship with yourself.  That solid relationship with yourself is the most powerful base that you can possibly have for ANYTHING that you want to accomplish.

For now, I encourage you to think about a time that your compassion helped you to soften to yourself and regain your footing.

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