Competing Priorities Clamoring for Your Attention?

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Don’t let competing priorities tie you in knots…

Multiple, competing priorities are a fact of life. And finding time when you’ve got lots of balls in the air can be a big challenge, can’t it? 

At times, do you feel so busy that you don’t know where to begin?

Maybe it’s the beginning of school for you or for your kids. New routines haven’t yet been established and everything seems to need to be done NOW.

Or maybe you’re trying to fit in some end-of-summer activities that you promised yourself you’d get to. It might be a chore you haven’t completed or a recreational treat that you’d promised yourself.

When you are managing competing priorities you are definitely going to feel busy. But the good news is that the process doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.  And whatever your specific competing priorities are, the question always boils down to two things:

  • What do you do next?
  • And what do you postpone or set aside in order to do that next thing?

Pause to sort out competing priorities.

One of the keys, for me, when I start to feel overwhelmed or confused about what to do next is to pause and get my bearings.

I use those pauses to briefly relax, re-prioritize and refocus. This needn’t take much time at all. Even just a minute of stillness gives me a touchstone. I am with myself.

This gives me some quick refreshment and grounding. And not only that. A mindful pause gives me an opportunity to re-establish clarity and make a new beginning. I check in with myself quickly, scan my priorities and then assess my time boundaries.

I ask myself questions like:

  • Will it help to use a timer to stay focused or make sure I stop and move on to my next task when I need to?
  • Are there things distracting me that I can pay brief attention to now in order to be able to fully set them aside?
  • Do I need to give myself some additional time to clean up and re-prioritize my to-do list?

Taking time to check in with yourself along the way helps you a lot as you juggle your competing priorities. It gives you multiple opportunities to assess your progress and enlist your agility as you respond to changes make tweaks as needed.

And this helps, too…

Do you ever feel like life is coming at you too fast and you’re getting lost in the shuffle? Are you feeling at sea and rudderless? Unclear about what your priorities even are?

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  • What you value,
  • What makes you tick and
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