Conquer Self-Criticism to Start Your Week on the Right Foot

Conquer self criticism
You can conquer self-criticism.

When you conquer your self-criticism you address one of the biggest energy drains you’re ever going to encounter. 

Honestly, it’s that simple.

As a first step toward time success, there are few things quite as freeing as learning to harness the energy that gets undercut by self-critical messages.

Good news…

Critical messages sap your confidence and creativity.

They demoralize and distract, sabotaging your best work.  Then, after the damage is done, your Inner Critic often pops up again to say, “I told you so.”

Because the Inner Critic works best in darkness and obscurity, illumination is a great antidote.  Shining a light is your first step as you work to conquer this time thief.

So, are you ready to get started?

Conquer Your Inner Critic: 5 Tips

  • Your Inner Critic’s Voice is YOUR voice.
    The voice may sound like an echo of other voices you’ve known, but in the present, your Inner Critic is ALL you.  This may not sound like good news but it really is. It means that you have all the power. With that knowledge in hand, your next step is to start recognizing and, ultimately, quieting those critical messages.
  • The next step is to pause and listen. 
    In the quiet, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of ‘talk’ going on in your head. One voice will become recognizable as your Inner Critic. It’s a voice that’s uniquely your own.   Maybe it sounds a little like your mother or father. Or perhaps it’s your 5th-grade teacher.  Pay attention to what he or she says.  What are the themes?  What is the tone?  How does your body feel when you hear it?
  • Next, when you hear it, clearly and calmly NAME your critical voice.
    Say something simple like, “This is my Inner Critic talking.” It may seem obvious, but naming helps you conquer this voice. By labeling it, you immediately make yourself more powerful.  You assert that you see and hear what is going on. 

2 More Tips…

  • Conquer your Inner Critic.
    Give yourself new messages with calm, clear, factual statements.  Don’t try to argue.  If you do, you just step into a power struggle that will lead nowhere.  So don’t react.  Simply speak directly to your Inner Critic from your place of power.  There will be no retort. 
  • Be vigilant. 
    As you recognize the critical messages you give yourself, continue to name them clearly and then respond in a calm and grounded way.  And be patient, too. Remember that this destructive voice has been a part of your life for a very long time.  It won’t disappear over-night, and it will never go entirely silent.  Typically, it quiets for a time and then re-emerges with a slightly different tone. 

As you engage in this process, you are not only recognizing a voice. You are also building trust and self-intimacy.  So what will be your first step to conquer your Inner Critic today?

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