Coping with Clutter — How to Become the Boss

persistence clears clutter
Coping with clutter is a step-by-step process.

Coping with clutter, whether it’s in your space, your time, or in your mind is one of the biggest challenges that we face in this day and age. 

During this time, many people are at home more. Perhaps you are working from home and your kids are also at home because their schools are working remotely. Life may be busier for many, and it’s certainly in flux these days.

Taken together, all of these things make coping with clutter at once harder AND more important. Living in the midst of clutter has a significant impact on your energy and on your time. So clearing clutter is a self-care skill worth exploring, especially now.

Coping with clutter means changing your mindset.

If your space is filled with clutter, maybe it’s hard to imagine digging out EVER.

Where do you begin?

Pay attention to the messages that you’re giving yourself about your clutter and about what you deserve. You may have to listen closely because if you’ve lived with chaos for a long time you’ve probably also developed lots of ways of coping with it. 

Your clutter may just feel normal to you.

So, ask yourself…

“How do I feel about my clutter right now?  And how am I coping with clutter in my life today?”

  • Do you ignore it?
  • Tell yourself it’s not important?
  • Or are you very critical of it and feeling embarrassed, discouraged and ashamed? 

However you have chosen to deal with your clutter, you can rest assured that it is sapping your energy like living with a low-grade cold.

Start coping with clutter today.

As the title of this post suggests, the first thing to do is to step up and tell your clutter AND yourself that you are the boss.

Let your clutter know that its days are numbered and that you’re no longer going to let it drain your energy, hold you hostage to chaos, and keep you from attaining your dreams.

You do have the power in your hands, and step-by-step you can start seeing clear results.

Be your own ally and friend.

If you’re trying to goad yourself into action with self-critical messages you will eventually rebel. For your work to be solid and sustainable, you need to be coming from a place of compassion and a genuine desire to understand where your clutter comes from and why it’s been hard to let it go.

Changing habits is hard, and clutter is nothing if not a habit. So, approaching this issue with steadiness, curiosity, and compassion, you can rest assured that you’ll start seeing changes.  It’s important to start small, stick with it, and reward every positive step that you make.

How will you get started on coping with clutter today? What would be an easy thing to let go of?

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