Your Core Values are Your Solid Foundation for Everything Else

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How do you manifest your core values?

Your core values provide the foundation for all of your activities.

Whether they are conscious or not, core values are the soil that your time choices spring from.

So, do you want to understand yourself and have a clear picture of where you’re headed, and why?

If your answer is yes, then getting clear about your core values is an important step to take.

There are two types of values, and each has a vital role in our time choices. I call them internal and external values. Internal values are like your compass. Your external values are the “what” of your goals and aspirations, and your internal values are the “how” — they are about how you get there.

So, let’s focus on your external values for a moment.

While it’s crucial to identify and explore what you value internally, it’s when you put them into action that they come to life.

Your external values are embodied and embedded in a cluster of activities that comprise the whole of your active life. Try this exercise to help clarify what these activities may be for you.

  • First, write down 3-5 of your most important external values.
  • Next, prioritize them with “#1” being most important.
  • Then, list 5 of the most significant activities for each value.

That is the cluster of activities that make your external values concrete.

Think of this as a baseline for yourself. 

How do you actively manifest your core values in your life?  What about the things you value that we label internal — how are they reflected on your list? What have you learned? How does this affect your time priorities and your time choices?

I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered, so please share your insights and experiences…

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