Creative Time Choices — Your Antidote to Scarcity

Owl-wise choices

Align your creative time choices with your values to thrive.

Creative time choices don’t just grow on trees.

But step away from scarcity thinking, and they’re easier to come by than you might think.

And making time choices that truly serve you is always an empowering gift you can give yourself. The choices don’t have to be big. It’s truly the creativity that counts.

So, the fact that time is absolute, concrete, and universal might bring up panicked feelings about the shortage of time. What can you do, when that feeling overtakes you?

Creative Time Choices and Scarcity Thinking

As an antidote, try empowering yourself to replace that fear-based, scarcity mentality with a positive, proactive resolve to start making choices about your time that align with your values.

This doesn’t change the fact that finding time can still be a challenge. But what it does is transform how you approach that fact. You’re stepping from scarcity thinking into abundance thinking. And with that single step, so many doors will open for you.

Give it a try…

Practice being more proactive and values-driven, both in small, daily time choices and in larger life decisions.

Shifting away from scarcity and toward your values will change your outlook palpably. And that shift in your outlook helps you start generating more productive choices for yourself.

How will you shift your thinking away from scarcity and toward abundance today? What will be your first step?

Watch and see how this affects the choices you make today.

Want more help?

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