Cull Your Basket of Time Today to Re-energize Yourself

reduce stress
Cull your basket of time to reduce your stress.

When you cull your basket of time you are decluttering your life and giving yourself a vital energy boost.

Why do I say that?

Well, finding time to reach your goals, or to make your dreams a reality requires that you make choices about your time and your priorities. Sometimes this can be quite difficult.

And on top of that, following through on those choices requires that you develop good, substantial time boundaries.

Speaking of time…

To make this idea more concrete, I often use a basket as a metaphor for your time. The basket represents the time you have to work with. It has a set size and that never changes. It can only hold so much.

Each thing you put into the basket takes up space. This limits what you can include. But for many of us, the tendency is to pile things in without reference to the available space.

So, what does this mean?

Most of us probably have baskets that are full right now (if not overflowing). What that means in practical terms is that in order to add something new, we need to take something out to make space for it.

One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it. Sidney Howard

This can be a very difficult choice to make, but making it consciously is a great gift we can give to ourselves.

Cull your basket of time.

Not making a conscious choice about removing something from your basket means that it will overflow.  Because time is concrete and absolute, there is no way around this. Things will begin to fall out of your overflowing basket, and this, in turn, will add to your stress level.

With way too many tasks and priorities to juggle, you begin to forget things and drop the ball on commitments, decreasing your effectiveness and efficiency even as your stress skyrockets.

So, as challenging as it can be, it is vital that you remove something from your basket of time when you add something new to it. Whether you are looking at BIG long term goals or planning your time for a particular day, making conscious choices about your priorities and creating time boundaries enables you to move ahead on your most important tasks.

And as an added bonus, decreasing your stress means you have additional energy to invest in the things you need to do.

How about you?

How full is your basket of time? 

Is there something that you could remove, right now, to make room for your top priorities? 

Make time to do it right now, and then see how that changes how you feel about your day.

And here’s more help for you…

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