Cultivate Your Courage — How to Get Started with One Timely Tip


Cultivate your courage…

When you cultivate your courage you give yourself a boost in most situations that you’ll encounter in your day.

Indeed, making time to do that helps you take your first step on any promising new path.

But why is it so important to cultivate your courage for your daily journey?

Well, for starters, what if you’re trying to make a change in a habit or routine? It’s not always easy to say “No” to old pastimes or habits.  Change is a challenge that involves letting go and, sometimes, disappointing friends and/or family members who want you to stick with the ‘old way.’

In addition, new adventures carry you into unknown territory with new learning curves. Perhaps an extra helping of courage is called for.

Here’s today’s timely tip, to help you cultivate your courage as you make time choices in the coming hours and days.  It’s important for you to know that you can access what you need, slowly and steadily, day by day.

Cultivate Your Courage — One Timely Tip:

Courage grows from small beginnings.

All oak trees begin as acorns. Like the mighty oak, your courage may take root with a simple, acorn-sized intention. And that is really all you need to initiate a powerful process of growth.

You needn’t possess superhuman powers of foresight to predict how things will turn out.  You needn’t even be sure of the next step.  Make your resolution about striving to grow in a certain direction, rather than about arriving at a destination. Then you are fulfilling your purpose every day.

Here’s Your Action Step: 

Approach your intention with warm, non-judgmental curiosity.

Brainstorm ideas about where you’d like to be taking new risks. What guideposts will you look for? If you’re embarking on a significant shift in your life, consider keeping a journal to track your evolution. And regularly schedule a certain period of time to engage in your new activity. Consistency is a key foundation as you cultivate your courage.

Bonus Tip: 

By focusing on the process rather than a distant or lofty outcome, you also pace yourself sustainably. Remember, as you evolve, any courage and skills you may now lack will have time to grow along with you.

What will be your next step as you activate and explore courage for your journey?

More ideas to help cultivate your courage…

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