Cyber Monday Apps – What’s Your Favorite Tech Time Tool?

Cyber Monday-Apps

It’s Cyber Monday-Tell us about your favorite app!

Cyber Monday on The Time Finder is all about tech tools that help you find more time.

So on this Cyber Monday we’re picking up on a post we noticed on lifehacker titled “What’s the One Obscure App You Can’t Live Without?

The author, Eric Ravenscraft, asked readers to weigh in with their favorite, little-known apps.  I love that idea, because really, when it comes to tools, users often have the most reliable  (and meaningful) information about what really works.  And in a world where the newest can sometimes obscure the best, this kind of user-generated data is very helpful for sorting through all of the tools that clamor for your attention.

So, I recommend that you take a look at the lifehacker article and see what strikes your fancy.


This looks like a good screen shot tool!

Here at The Time Finder we were taken with the possibilities of ShareX – a screen shot tool that looks to be very flexible and user-friendly.  Here’s a quick screen shot showing a few of the things you can use ShareX for (click on the image to see a larger version).

It is highly customizable, and you can set up lots of keyboard shortcuts to save you time (and clicks).  Our favorite is the ability to use CTRL+PrtScn to activate the app and all of its features!

The lifehacker list is a mixture of free and paid applications, and it’s being added to continually, as readers add comments.

But here’s my question for you:  What’s your favorite app?  And digging a little deeper, how does it help you find time?

Here at The Time Finder we are big users of Dropbox (for sharing and syncing files) and Evernote (for collecting and tracking ideas for blog posts, new products, tweaks that we want to follow-up on, and all sorts of other things).

My VA loves Remember the Milk and Google Calendar for keeping organized and tracking tasks; and she is a big proponent of AutoHotKey, for shortening up typing tasks.

So, add a comment here – I’d love to hear what your go-to apps are!

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  1. Hi Paula!

    I’m a big fan of IQTELL – it synchs your e-mail account (s), to-do and project lists. Check it out!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, David. We’ve been impressed with IQTELL as well. Appreciate your comment, and hope you’ll visit again!

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