Daffodils? Roses? How to Pause and Appreciate Your Moments

Smell the daffodils…

Have you noticed the daffodils starting to bloom in your world? Here in New Hampshire they are coming into their own.

And making time to stop and smell the proverbial roses is something that many of us aspire to.

But how many of us build in the time for ourselves, each and every day, to actually do it? 

So, this time of year, of course, it’s daffodils, not roses. But I don’t suggest adding “Smell Daffodils” to your To-Do List. This isn’t an item to be accomplished and checked off before moving on to the next thing. But all too often, this is exactly what we do. Indeed, as the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once wrote:

“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

An alternative…

What I’d like to suggest is paying mindful attention. These days, here in New Hampshire, the air has been filled with birdsong and the daffodils are heading toward full and glorious bloom.  We’ve moved from winter into spring. And time is carrying us swiftly toward high summer even as I write this. 

Time’s flow is steady.

Add to that our own individual flow of goals and tasks, and you can see how time can easily slide by almost without our realizing.  Suddenly, you “come to” and a day, a week, or a month has gone by.  That’s a disorienting feeling.

So, pause for the daffodils…

That’s why it is so vital to build stopping points into your daily routine.  They needn’t be lengthy; however, the nourishment that these moments offer is enhanced and deepened the more time you spend. 

In addition to the sheer pleasure of it, use these points to get your feet back on the ground and to reorient yourself to the moment.  That’s what smelling the daffodils is all about.

This is not a frivolous activity by any means.  Though it gives pleasure, smelling the daffodils has a deeper and more far-reaching meaning than just that.

It’s important…

These pauses tell you where you are.  Think of your stopping points as buoys making your course as you sail through life. Without them, you might end up lost at sea.

As you stop and breathe, you are connecting with yourself, your values, your moment. You are getting your bearings before you continue on.  There is no greater gift that you can give yourself.

And the best news is that you can do this, quite literally, while you pause to smell the daffodils.

So, how do you stop and get your bearings now? And how will you keep building this into your day?

For more help…

Time is pure potential. You decide how to use it; and once you do, it’s gone.  That’s why it’s so important to build on your best time choices. 

If you feel like your time slips through your fingers, then you’ll want to claim your copy of my complimentary “Daily Choices Template:  Proven Strategies for Tracking Your Best Time Choices Today, Tomorrow & All Year!

There’s no time like the present – to start moving toward the future you envision for yourself.

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