Daily Transitions — How to Make Time for Managing Them


Make time for daily transitions…

Daily transitions are constantly happening in your life, often barely noticed.

Think about all the steps in your day, from getting out of bed to getting back in. Change often adds stress, and regular self-care activities help reduce that.

So, while living life and moving through daily transitions mindfully and planfully can be a challenge there are ways to help yourself. It is often a matter of creating time boundaries and centering activities and then following through on actually doing them.

Recently we received a question that framed the challenge that many people experience.

Daily transitions — just ask Paula:

Lynne from Cleveland writes:

Dear Paula,

I like the idea of managing the stress of daily transitions with specific activities that I can repeat over and over.

However, I can’t seem to find the time to actually do them, even though I try.

And even when I do have time, I don’t remember the activities. Do you have any suggestions? I’d really like to get better at this.

Some ideas from Paula…

Dear Lynne,

You are identifying two separate issues. The first is not finding the time, and the second is not remembering the activities. Perhaps you feel caught in a Catch-22 where you can’t find the time to find the time. And then, as a result, you feel can’t center yourself enough to remember just how you’d planned to center yourself.

This may actually sound counterintuitive but think about making the time rather than finding it. Choosing to make time to work on grounding, welcoming, or stress-reducing activities, will actually help you find time more consistently.

And creating these transitional rituals will enable you to use your time more beneficially. These activities will smooth your daily path and help guide you throughout your day. As you begin to do them regularly, you’ll feel like something is missing when you don’t do them.

Start small with one brief activity that strongly appeals to you. The more you resonate to it, the more incentive you’ll have to do it. If needed, place small Post-It notes in your living or working space, as reminders.

Make it easy. For example, if you find that a few stretches help to relax you and bring you back to the moment, use a timer to remind you to stop and stretch.

Repeat this one activity until it becomes automatic. Then you can integrate a second one. Make sure you continue to do the first one, also. In that way you will build these activities into the routine of your day, each day, every day.

Warmest regards,


Want more help?

How do you deal with these kinds of challenges in your life? What one thing will you do right now, to help with your daily transitions>

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