De-Cluttering Tip – Use Dates to Help You Let Go!

Desk De-cluttering

De-cluttering doesn’t have to stress you out!

De-cluttering is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to ease stress, boost your energy and confidence, and make your living or working space more usable.

And yet de-cluttering is considered a challenging and unpleasant chore by many — and is often either avoided or placed at the bottom of most priority lists. But it’s one of my go-to practices when it comes to  giving myself a little energy and boost, because:

  • There’s always a need to de-clutter, so any effort, large or small, is a net gain; and
  • I’ve made it a stress-free activity for myself.

De-Cluttering Without Stress

One of the biggest barriers to de-cluttering is the fear that you’ll get rid of something that you’ll need as soon as it’s gone. Does that trip you up?

Well, I use a two-step method for my de-cluttering and it’s absolutely relieved me of those concerns. Here’s how it works:

  • First, I set aside a brief chunk of time for de-cluttering and I put it in my calendar.
    • Adding it to my calendar makes it a real priority.
    • Keeping it short makes it easy to follow-through and experience success — very motivating!
  • Depending on what I’m de-cluttering, I get a container to hold it all.
    • This might be a file folder, if I’m going to be recycling paper, or
    • It might be a box for other objects.
  • Next, I add a date to my container. This is the date that I will open my container or folder and actually get rid of whatever I’m de-cluttering.
  • I add the date to my calendar so that I’ll be sure to follow-through.
  • I spend the rest of the allotted time filling my container!

De-Cluttering – How the Date Helps

Using this method for de-cluttering my spaces means that my decision-making is a two-step process. The time element removes a significant amount of pressure from both steps.

  • The first step is easier because I’m not actually getting rid of anything in the moment. I’m simply setting it aside as something that I think I might be able to let go of.
  • The second step is easier because, in the timespan I’ve created I can clearly see whether I miss or need any of the things I’ve added to my container. I’m free to retrieve anything I want to during that period of time — and what’s left becomes very easy to then recycle or dispose of.

So, I encourage you to give this method a try. It’s especially helpful if you find it challenging to let go of things. And the results are so rewarding!

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